Compliance & Due Diligence

​Has your company secured financing or are you looking for additional investor support? Often, when seeking additional capital to fund a business, investors will request an outside party to provide assurance of the value of the business. Our team works with you to develop those assurances.

Business Valuations & Appraisals

​There are numerous reasons to value a company or an investment—from a business interest sale or a buy-sell agreement, to bankruptcy, marital dissolution, or gift- and estate-tax planning, among others. Our team understands that each valuation is unique, and that each investment must be looked at individually to provide sound conclusions of value. The process of valuing a business has different approaches, methods, and types of reports depending on the reason for the valuation. We guide you through the process, continually providing information to ensure that you understand how we arrived at our conclusions.

Sibo & Associates, LLC

SERVICE offerings

Income Taxes

​From basic to complex tax-return filings, our team understands the intricacies of tax laws and codes. Our services range from preparing individual tax returns to meeting the tax-filing and planning needs of businesses with multi-million dollar revenues.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

​Are you looking for knowledgeable support to meet all of your accounting needs? Our team members have developed specialized accounting systems that not only help manage your business but also ensure accurate reflection and reporting of your company performance.

​​Business Advisory Services & CFO "For Hire"

​We advise our clients on all matters and challenges that arise while meeting their operations, marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources needs. We understand that small businesses do not always have the capital to bring in a full-time, experienced finance professional to help make crucial financial decisions that will grow and guide the business. We provide this resource on an outsourced basis for a fraction of the cost to the company's bottom line. Whether researching and evaluating product-line extensions or developing go-to-market strategies, our team helps guide the process through in-depth research and analysis. Our goal is to help improve your business by determining a path that leads to the best all-around outcome.

Business Startups

​We offer guidance to startup businesses on the ways to manage finances that will keep the business on track. Our work with startups involves advice on thinking critically about investment decisions to get the best return for each dollar spent, whether that means looking at strategic sourcing options or researching the quality of raw materials used in production. We facilitate the business decision-making process to help our clients maximize profits from what are often limited capital investments.

Business Planning

Planning for the future and making “how-to-grow” decisions can be a huge undertaking, even for established businesses. A strategic decision about growing a business has several implications related to taxes, regulations, finances, and operations. Our team helps assess the options and implications from beginning to end—whether outlining the path from startup to venture capital or deciding on an exit strategy, we get you where you need to go. A sound business plan is central to ensuring growth and success.